Laser Treatments

Get your glow-up started at Allura.

We specialize in natural beauty enhancements for all and offer the highest quality medical-grade treatments and skin care products available. The laser treatments we provide at Allura are some of the world’s most popular and innovative aesthetic devices. We believe the best treatments leave you looking and feeling refreshed—not overdone. Contact us today to get glowing from the inside out! 


Allura laser Treatments

A consultation is required prior to treatment to ensure medical treatment is appropriate.

Laser therapy consults are $150.

Post-Care Instructions

We take all of the necessary steps during your in-office treatment to ensure you are comfortable and your treatments are effective and long-lasting. Below you will find post-care instruction for specific treatments. If you have any additional questions, please contact the office text line at 401-309-8227.

  • Please report to your Medical Professional immediately if you have increased pain, swelling, redness, blisters or itching following your treatment.

  • Avoid vigorous exercise during active peeling phase after a chemical peel treatment to prevent possibility of skin blistering.

  • Apply sun protection containing zinc oxide and or titanium dioxide after procedure. Sun protection should be reapplied every two hours for adequate protection.

  • May apply light mineral make-up after 24 hours to skin if needed using a clean applicator.

  • Use gentle cleanser and moisturize skin as needed.

  • Avoid retinoid or any other acid based products on skin while healing.

  • After BBL procedures in which broken vessels, telangectasis’s, cherry angiomas and or unwanted redness avoid activities that causes flushing of the skin. These activities include but are not limited to alcohol, exercise & or saunas.