Collagen Induction Treatment

Stimulate collagen production and get glowing.

At our office in Providence, RI, we specialize in natural beauty enhancements for all and offer the highest quality medical-grade treatments and skin care products. Collage Induction treatments have gained more popularity in the field of dermatology and skincare. This minimally invasive procedure stimulates the production of collagen, which is vital for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. 


Benefits of Collagen Induction

One of the main benefits of collagen induction treatments is the promotion of collagen synthesis. Micro-needling involves using tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the skin. In response to these micro-injuries, the body initiates a natural healing process that triggers the production of collagen and elastin. The increased collagen helps reduce fine lines, minimize the appearance of scars, and enhance skin texture.

Another significant benefit is the enhancement of skin elasticity. As collagen levels increase, the skin becomes much more resilient and firm, leading to a reduction in sagging skin and the prevention of fine lines. These treatments are versatile and can be used to treat various skin concerns. 

Collagen Induction Treatments

Improve tone and texture with minimal downtime using the FDA cleared Skinpen.

Three Treatments: $1,250 (1) $450

Three Treatments: $1,800 (1) $650

Discounted packages and add on treatment must be purchased during same visit.