We can’t wait to get you glowing from the inside out!

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Pereira, Allura’s founder, a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and Aesthetic Specialist. I am so excited to welcome you to Allura, New England’s premier medical aesthetic boutique. We are located in Wayland Square of Providence, RI’s historic East Side neighborhood.

Our team at Allura is comprised of exceptionally skilled board certified nurse practitioners. We have helped countless clients restore, refine, and refresh their skin with the highest quality treatments and products available. Using a holistic approach, our top priority is to keep you looking like you so that your natural essence can shine through! 

Elizabeth Pereira, Founder

Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner and Aesthetic Specialist

Melissa Cardona, NP

Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner and Aesthetic Specialist
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Rita Blanko, NP

Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner and Aesthetic Specialist

Felicia Fisher

Patient Concierge

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Clinically-Proven Results.

What to expect when you book a treatment with Allura

A Warm Welcome

We aim to make you feel at home and well taken care of from the moment you walk through our doors.

Customized Treatment Plans

Every treatment is customized to your skin’s unique needs to ensure flawless, consistent results.

Compassionate Care

You’ll work directly with one of our Nurse Practitioners to ensure all of your concerns are addressed.

A Pain-free Experience

Using the highest-quality treatments, products, and a gentle hand, we prioritize your comfort from start to finish.

Glowing, Natural Results

The best treatments are the ones that go undetected and leave you looking and feeling youthful & well-rested.

Thorough Post-Care Instructions

To ensure long-lasting results, we’ll take the time to answer your questions and ready you with post-care information.

“Liz is amazingly detailed, knowledgeable, gentle and sweet! Always up-to-date on new techniques, guiding you to make you look and feel beautiful.

She always checks in on you after a treatment. I will not go anywhere else! I love her and what she does!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Come in with your skin cleansed and free of makeup. This will make your visit seamless and efficient.

Please avoid blood thinners for 3-5 days prior to your visit, as long as it has been approved by your primary care physician. Please do not have invasive procedures or dental work for two weeks prior to your treatment. Please avoid using the following items before your treatments: Advil, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Motrin, garlic, flax seed, fish oil, high dose vitamin E, and any herbal remedies.


Wrinkle relaxers take approximately 10-14 days to see full effects.

Sculptra is a biostimulant that gradually restores areas of volume loss by encouraging your body’s natural collagen producing process. Your full results will not be evident until three months after your last session.

Touch-ups are a perfectly normal part of wrinkle relaxer treatments. The best time to schedule a touch-up is between 10-14 days after your initial treatment.

Bruising, swelling, lumps and bumps (often inflammatory nodules) are a normal part of the healing process after a treatment and will self-resolve in two weeks.

Our office uses a variety of FDA-approved injectable filler such as hyaluronic acid, calcium based, Poly-L-lactic acid.

No, you will look as you had prior to getting treatments. Keep in mind that the natural aging process is always ongoing with every day that passes.

Collagen stimulating, tissue strengthening treatments are offered using biostimulants such as platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM), threads, Poly-L-lactic acid, and collagen induction therapy.

Ice the area for 20 minutes on and off for the next 24 hours. Avoid dental work and invasive procedures for two weeks after your treatments. Do not work out for 24-36 hours. Avoid blood thinners (if approved by your prescribing physician) and alcohol for 24 hours. Be sure to hydrate your lips using a lip balm.


Plan accordingly, giving yourself at least two weeks prior to special events and vacations.


Yes, massage the area of treatment. Choose between the two following options:

Massage five minutes a day, five times a day, for the first five days or…

Massage two minutes a day, twice a day for two weeks.

Yes, hyaluronic acid based filler can safely and effectively be reversed in less than 30 minutes with a FDA-approved enzyme called Hyelenx.


Individual results may vary but on average last anywhere from six months to two years depending on the area treated and the product used.


At Allura, we prioritize your comfort by using prescriptive topical/injectable numbing and a variety of distracting tools.


No, we ask that you wait until your sunburn has resolved before coming in for skin rejuvenating treatments.


Medical grade skincare products contain higher amounts of active ingredients and have proven through years of clinical data, that they can provide the results advertised.